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Welcome to Hi Tulip Cafe in Flagler Beach, Florida

Hi Tulip Cafe

Dear Hi Tulip Friends and Family,

There are things that make you go hmmmm , which make your brain jiggle a little, followed closely by hunh! Like, what hair color do they put on the driver's license of bald men? and why do they call things shipped by ship - cargo, and things that are shipped by car -a shipment? And then there are things that go hummmmmm, like the sounds the fridge makes, humming your favorite tunes or during yoga and meditation. But the things that make you go mmmmmmmm, are like something super relaxing or something super yummy. For example, appreciating the little things in life; when the grandkids come running up the driveway and give you a genuine hug with their cute little hands.mmmmmm . And again, when the grandkids get buckled in their car seats and leave you after a rambunctious visit, mmmmmm. Or like a beautiful sunset or a delicious piece of chocolate. Mmmmmm. How about the pleasure of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, savoring each sip and enjoying the aroma, mmmmmmmm. Maybe sitting around and feeling the warmth of a campfire on a cool evening and watching the flames as they dance, mmmmmmm. A nice back rub or foot massage, mmmmmm. A cold shower after working in the yard and getting so dirty, mmmmmm. The warmth of a towel right out of the dryer, taking your shoes off after work, the wonder of stargazing, driving with the windows down and the wind blowing fresh air in your face, or driving with the windows up and enjoying the quiet inside your vehicle. You have just been introduced to some of my personal mmmmmmm’s!! What’s YOUR pleasure?

Other mmmmmm’s include the month of May. The thought of Mom. The healing power of Music. Savor those moments. Technology and the fast-paced modern world hinder our ability to savor, but savoring can increase your happiness. Hopefully this month’s dinner will make you go mmmmmmm and rejuvenate your mindful eating. Chef Kevin and Chef Steven have prepared the “mmmmmmm-y-ist” menu to give you an opportunity to enhance your appreciation of yummy. And for your enjoyment, we are going to have some uplifting live music to help improve your mood. Check out the menu and hunh! I believe you will cry mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm all the way to Hi Tulip to make your reservations for May 17! Call 386-439-9274. We will need your phone number, how many are in your party, menu selections, and the time you would like to dine for your blissful night out at our Hi Tulip Special Dinner. The 4-course meal, including one beverage, is $45 per person. ..mmmmmm, mmmmm, good.

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Serving Breakfast & Lunch on the Daily

You are sure to find something you'll love on the menu. Chef Kevin creates both sweet and savory options so your taste buds are always happy and your belly is pleasantly full.

Special Dinner Events

Join us each month for our special dinner events. A unique, seasonal menu is created by Chef Kevin each month. See Hi Tulip Cafe transformed into an intimate dining experience. A four course meal is included as well as a beverage of your choice. Reservations are required and spots fill up quickly! Subscribe to our email list for each month’s menu to be sent right to your inbox. 

Our History in our Community

Hi Tulip Cafe has been part of the Flagler Beach community for 6 years. Located in the Publix plaza off highway 100, new owners Holly and Kevin have kept the quality and service standards above and beyond expectations of its guests. Please email us: hitulipcafeflagler with any questions or comments regarding Hi Tulip Cafe. We want to thank our wonderful customers for your continued support.

Our Customers Say


Every Customer Matters. If you have any issues, please speak to one of our managers while you are at the restaurant.


Monthly Dinners

Sign-up for e-mail alerts. We'll let you know when we have our Special Dinner Events as well as Events we may be vending outside the restaurant! We keep all e-mail addresses internal and do not sell lists to 3rd parties.