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Hi-Tulip Cafe Dinners

Dear Hi Tulip Friends and Family, Live Simply. My personal goal is to not get more done, but to have less to do! People no longer live by the sun and moon, wind and stars. We live by clocks and calendars. Our daily lives have gotten way out of control in terms of the number of commitments and constant activity. Our souls have gotten lost in the pile. I'm not talking about a cabin in the woods with no electricity. Just fewer distractions. Fewer things. I want to be more selective with my time and energy. I don’t want to race to the next moment, because what happens to the one I am in? Going back to a simpler life is not a step backward. Perhaps we should all try to take refuge in a simple life. Enjoy those sweet little things and allow time for thinking, as well as spend more time with those that are nourishing, make you laugh and feel loved. Of course, our happiness doesn’t come from other people, but from our inner selves. Maybe we can astonish ourselves and develop the capacity to enjoy the simple things, things that aren’t things at all, but that are real and to see how uncomplicated our lives can become. We are drowning in excess, yet we need more. Not more stuff or money. Not more challenges. More authenticity. More Peace. More slow living. Slow living is a philosophy about being more mindful and purposeful in your choices of how you spend your time and the things you acquire. It’s about going back to some of the basics of human connectedness and shedding the need to constantly be busy and the constant need for more. Collect moments, not things. Hi Tulip is offering you an evening for a planned opportunity to have a moment to sit and enjoy a slice of life. Chef Kevin will prepare a simple, yet lovely menu on September 16. Five courses for $40, one beverage included. Be present. Make a conscious purposeful decision to share these moments with us. Simply give us a quick call, 386-439-9274, or wander in for a leisurely breakfast or lunch and let us know in person that you and yours would like to join us. We will need your entree selection and for you to select a clock time that suits you between 5 & 6:30. Once we confirm your reservation, stay calm and carry on. A simple life is a happy life. Simply put.

“Live Simply”

Course 1: Appetizer


Course 2: Salad


Romaine, parmesan, croutons, black pepper

Course 3: Soup

French Onion

Course 4: Choose Entree


Roast chicken, pan gravy, roasted baby potatoes, green beans


Short Rib, garlic mashed potato, red wine gravy



Course 5: Choose Dessert


Strawberry, chocolate or bananas Foster