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Hi-Tulip Cafe Dinners

Life is no picnic sometimes. What we really need are a few more polka dots and real picnics. This month’s dinner we are doing just that! We are inviting you to let Hi Tulip Café be your picnic site. Sure, you could go anywhere on Friday night, July 16 for dinner, but we are hoping you will patronize us. Reserve and grab your individual dinner picnic basket and go to the beach or park, or even your own backyard, watch the sun go down, and it will be just perfect. The grass is always greener when you are on a picnic with your besties. Summer picnics are more than eating a meal. They are a pleasurable state of mind and can be made anywhere. What an ideal way to start your weekend.

You may also choose to sit at the Café in perfect comfort (sans ants) and join us for a casual, fun evening building social cohesion or dine at an intimate table for two in perfect comfort. We will even provide the gingham tablecloths. Arrive anytime between 5-7 to pick up your dinner and take it to-go or stay and eat in the café and enjoy a good old fashioned carefree summer evening with us. Make it a date or bring your friends to Ketchup and Relish these summer moments. Come and Chill out. Kevin and Christine will be mingling and able to enjoy your company.  We will have activities such as cornhole, giant Jenga and Connect 4 on the patio as well as other board games available. Feel free to watch or take part in the fun and games such as a hoola-hoop contest at 6:00, and trivia game at 6:30Weather permitting, we will show a movie on an outdoor screen at 8:30. In the meantime, we will also have root beer or coke floats, iced coffee, hot fudge sundaes, or vanilla ice-cream cones available for you to enjoy.      .... Sounds fun!    YAY for picnics....  You Mustard it from me!  There is something for everyone of all ages. Call us at 386-439-9274 and reserve your picnic basket, or Lettuce know that you plan to be there...or be square.

Hey Boo-Boo....Let’s go get us a pic-a-nic basket! Maybe an extra one for the weekend too.  Wouldn’t it be nice! CLASSIC ALL AMERICAN PICNIC BASKET $12 per person
Curry chicken salad and rolls, chive potato salad, cowboy caviar, deviled eggs, mojito watermelon!

July 16th Dinner Menu

1st Choice


Curry chicken salad and rolls, chive potato salad, cowboy caviar, deviled eggs, mojito watermelon

2nd Choice

NEW ENGLAND BASKET    $15 per person

 Lobster Roll sliders, Kettle-style potato chips, charred corn and peppers salad, Cabot cheddar and crackers,
fresh cherries, three bean salad  

3rd Choice

MEDITERRANEAN BASKET    $12 per person

Tabouleh Salad, Artichoke hummus, Pita, Antipasto skewers made with cured meats, cheeses, and gourmet olives

4th Choice

CHARCUTERIE BASKET   $11 per person

Assorted meats, cheeses, olives, fruits, and nuts with a fresh baked baguette and crackers

Dessert Choices

Ricotta cookie, blonde brownie, pound cake, Rice Krispy treat or lemon bar 

Beverages for purchase

Sweet, Unsweet or Raspberry Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, 
Fountain Soda (Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Lemonade, Root Beer)
Beer, Wine, Mimosa or Prosecco