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Hi-Tulip Cafe Dinners

Dear Hi Tulip Friends and Family, 
Chef Kevin has researched glorious recipes for this juxtapose of breakfast and dinner. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences. When you arise in the morning, what a precious privilege to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy and to celebrate new adventures. Each day holds a new surprise! Just because everything is different, doesn’t mean anything has changed. Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day and we just want to do something a little divergent and fun for this month. A little tomfoolery, yet our brains thrive on novelty and we need a little jovial change.    
Although we have all been through several types of changes in this past year, change is inevitable, (but not from a vending machine!)  We need a place in our hearts to celebrate our shared humanity. A start is all that is needed to put an end to something. Let’s commemorate new and fresh beginnings and come together for “brinner” as a symbol of a new day, every day, on an endlessly changing horizon. We hope you will join us with this opportunity to subvert your routine.

The cost will be $45 per person and will include a 4-course meal and your choice of one beverage. We will also be offering $3.00 mimosas throughout the evening of April 16.  
Three things we pray:  your phone number, your food selections, and your seating time request (5:00/5:15/5:30/5:45/6:00/6:15/6:30). We’ll see thee more clearly if you respond to this message by sending us an email, love thee more dearly if you call us at (386) 439-9274 or follow thee more nearly if you let us know in person when you are at Hi Tulip for breakfast or lunch. We would love to have you as YOU make our day by day!  “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi

April 16th Dinner Menu

1st Course: Choice of Appetizer

Spring Vegetable Quiche

Zucchini, leek, chives, parmesan

Smoked Salmon Hashbrown

Creme fraiche, roe, mustard seed, and fresh herbs

2nd Course: Salad

Citrus Salad

Arugula, grapefruit, oranges, and mint, marinated in lime and honey

3rd Course: Choice of Entree

Cajun-Lime Chicken and Waffles

Quarter chicken, marinated in buttermilk, fried crispy, and coated in cajun spices and lime zest,  served with a rosemary-lime infused hot honey and a side of Belgian waffles 

Shrimp & Grits

Blackened Atlantic shrimp, cheddar grit cakes, chorizo cream sauce, roasted tomatillo relish

Short Rib Hash

Slow braised beef short ribs, crispy Yukon gold and sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, applewood smoked bacon, poblano peppers, chipotle tomato chutney, sourdough toast, and a sunny-side up fried egg

Mushroom Toast

Grilled sourdough, Ricotta, onion jam, herbed mushrooms, poached egg, microgreens salad and parsley puree

4th Course: Choice of Dessert

Maple Bacon Scone


Orange Marmalade Muffin