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Welcome to Hi Tulip Cafe in Flagler Beach, Florida

Hi Tulip Cafe is your neighborhood breakfast spot.

Great for the family or to meet up with an old friend. Enjoy a perfectly crafted latte from our full espresso bar or cheers with a mimosa! We are well known for our large variety of breakfast options served all day. Try a delicious eggs benedict, French toast, or one of our unique multi-grain pancakes. A classic pan omelette or perfectly cooked waffle is waiting for you! Looking for a burst of flavor? Our cajun style shrimp and grits is sure to impress.

Lunch starts at 10:30 am with salads, sandwiches, and wraps. Our ⅓ lb. grass fed burgers are perfectly seasoned and go great with one of our craft beers. Our famous spinach pie or falafel is a great option for herbivores and omnivores alike! Stop by the pastry case to see what’s been freshly baked. You can even call ahead to get your order to-go! We have something for everyone to enjoy.

Always cooking up something new.

Join us each month for our special dinner events. A unique, seasonal menu is created by Chef Kevin each month. See Hi Tulip Cafe transformed into an intimate dining experience. A four course meal is included as well as a beverage of your choice. Reservations are required and spots fill up quickly! Subscribe to our email list for each month’s menu to be sent right to your inbox. 

Hi Tulip Cafe has been part of the Flagler Beach community for 6 years. Located in the Publix plaza off highway 100, new owners Holly and Kevin have kept the quality and service standards above and beyond expectations of it’s guests. E-mail us
with any questions or comments. We want to thank our wonderful customers for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you often.


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Hi Tulip Crew

Meet our staff. An eclectic group of dedicated individuals with talent and passion that meet the Hi Tulip Standards.

Kevin - Chef/Owner

Kevin is fulfilling his dream of owning his own place. When not working, he is working at Hi Tulip. He grew up in Ormond Beach and received his culinary degree from Daytona State College which is coming in handy: and it shows. Kevin has many other talents such as being a member of 2 bands. He plays many instruments including keyboard, violin, and various percussion. He also is an avid skateboarder and occasionally has time to surf. Kevin has an old soul and couldn’t be a nicer boss. Hi Tulip says: be-all, end-all

Holly - Co-Owner

Holly...native of Daytona Beach, FL, and retired, wait...what? Retired? Nope. After delivering mail in Ormond Beach for 40 years, she is helping her son live his dream by helping as much as possible. Doing what mom’s do…grocery shop, clean, plan, pay the bills, encourage, repeat. Café owner is now on her working resume. When she can, she joins Bud on some of his travelling adventures. Holly, aka Ya-Ya, Loves, loves, loves her Grandbabies! And will hold your baby while you enjoy your meal if you let her.
Hi Tulip says: Thanks mom

Christine - Manager

Christine...boots in. Originally from Minnesota and has just recently tried grits, she will do whatever it takes to keep Hi Tulip top notch. She is the manager, and don’t you forget it. Much needed and highly appreciated role. Not only does she keep the employees, vendors, Solicitors, and owners on track, she is the barista, baker, and candlestick maker. There is nothing that she can’t or won’t do for Hi Tulip. She can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. Christine has been dating Kevin for 4 years and they must have a love -hate relationship, as they love to be together and hate to be without. Not only do they work and live together, Christine is a singer in one of the bands Kevin is in. If she isn’t at Hi Tulip, well, when is she NOT at Hi Tulip. She is highly dedicated. If she does have spare time she likes to hang with her cats Watch movies and chill…(or is that gearing up for tomorrow!)
Hi Tulip says: take the bull by the horns

Bud - The Big Guy

Bud...grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida and is enjoying his retirement years by doing some travelling, hiking attending blue grass festivals, and gardening. When not on the road he loves to hang out with his 3 wonderful Grandchildren. The Hi Tulip Café is a new adventure, however. He helps in many ways as the main honey-do person. (He better, as his wife is the owner!) He fully supports his wife and son, the chef, as they all take on this family-owned and operated endeavor. Hi Tulip says: The big guy

Hi Tulip - Back of House

The talented people behind the scenes!


Chandler...from New Jersey, is very passionate about cooking and has been working as a cook for 10 years. Being very detailed oriented the plates he creates are as good to look at as they are to eat. Chandler is also a motorcycle enthusiast and rides his motorcycle to work. After work, Chandler relaxes at home with his dog, Layla. In addition, he likes to design unique tattoos. Hi Tulip says: our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow


Doug...is from an era of hard workers. He enjoys listening and singing along to music that keeps the back of the house in an upbeat vibe. Doug has had a colorful background but is now a staple at Hi Tulip. He is currently the caretaker of his elderly mother and with the patience she had for him, he now has for her. Hi Tulip says: he can tackle the job


Ashley...is the newest member of the team but is definitely no rookie. She is working at Hi Tulip part time during the day to fill her time from her other cooking job at a beachside restaurant. and to help alleviate some hours from Kevin, (who just needs time away, sometimes). She appeared just when the cooks needed a break. Ashley has her culinary degree from Virginia Tech and has been in the culinary industry for seven years. When not working, she enjoys the beach and making and writing her own music playing the piano. Hi Tulip says: kitchen angel


Mike...has been in the food industry for 46 years and has been with Hi Tulip Café since the groundbreaking, and is the only remaining original employee. He knows every inch of the café and receives the best all- around award. Mike keeps the restaurant clean, does the maintenance, steps in as cook or dishwasher if needed, and probably would be the president of the one million cut potatoes club, as he does a great percentage of the food prep each day. When not working, you can probably find him having a brewsky at the bar down at Woody’s. Hi Tulip says: he’s the glue that keeps us all together

Back of House Cont. + Front of House

More talented people who make up the family at Hi Tulip Cafe!

Donna (Front of House)

Donna...is our faithful friend. She is always humming as she works and really cares about the customer. Coming from high end serving positions up north, Catskill NY, she is all about customer service and the presentation. She chose this industry for 39 years because she loves people. Donna is a hard worker and works Part time at Hi Tulip and Part Time at another local establishment. Not only does she serve her customers, she also serves the higher power. Donna is very active with her church, is family oriented and very helpful to others. Hi Tulip says: most days amazing, some days find her keys in the fridge


Neal...is working his first job ever. And boy is he working. Washing the dishes is not an easy task. He dutifully rides his bicycle to work every day, in any weather, and has never been late. Neal is a local, growing up in Flagler Beach. When he is not working, he enjoys gaming and hanging out with his nephews. A great sense of humor, good attitude and dedicated worker, he finds solitude and pride in his job. Hi Tulip says: going at it tooth and nail

Stefania (Front of House)

Stef...lives for her baby girl. She worked at Hi Tulip all through her pregnancy and now her daughter also has many admirers that check on her updated progress, which Stef so willingly will oblige. Stef is energetic, proficient, and friendly with a winning smile. She hopes to finish her degree someday soon and is working towards that goal. Also, in her free time, you may find her at the gym working out. She has lived in Palm Coast for 13 years and has been a part of Hi Tulip longer than any of the other servers. Hi Tulip says: sweet and sassy

Mary (Front of House)

Mary...is originally from Staten Island, NY (as if you couldn’t tell by her accent) and moved to Palm Coast in 2005. She enjoys her job at Hi Tulip Café, especially her “regular” customers; but treats everyone like an old friend. When not working, Mary loves shopping, especially using coupons and scoring a great deal. Whenever she has a chance, she loves to go -back home- to visit. She also adores her grandson, who just steals her heart.. Hi Tulip says: Mary takes our restaurant by storm

Front of House Gems Cont.

Every person on our staff adds another layer of flavor to our operation.


Dawn...has lived in Palm Coast for 6 years. She has been a server for 33 years, of which 2 ½ have been at Hi Tulip Café. Married to husband Paul for 26 years, they have a son, whom she affectionately calls Little Paul. A tight knit family, she loves them both. Dawn says she loves to do anything during her time off, as long as she is in bed by 8 pm! Hi Tulip says: Dawn is our fire on all cylinders


Haley…..is our Dinner server and back-up, back-up hostess and server. She is a stay at home mom and just needs time away from the baby every once in a while to mingle with real grown ups. Her fiancé is brother to Kevin, and their baby is Grandson to Bud and Holly, therefore continuing to make the operation of Hi Tulip a family affair. She grew up in Flagler, is a former Miss Flagler, is a renowned professional surfer and is also the founder of the local charity surf event, The MayDay Memorial in honor of her mother, Dollie Sue Watson. Haley has worked in the service industry for over 10 years and is a natural in customer service. Hi Tulip says: good vibes



Joanna...is an old school Italian woman. She will tell you like it is and has been in the restaurant industry a long, long time. Joanna has 7 grown children who all live up north while she lives in Palm Coast with her husband and looks forward to their visits. Joanna does a variety of duties, from weekend hostess, to prep, to doing the deep cleaning. After all, nobody knows how to clean a kitchen better than an Italian cook. Joanna will also fill in at washing dishes, line cook, and barista. In her spare time at home she loves to bake and enjoys shopping. Hi Tulip says: Jill of all trades


Nikki…is a whirlwind. She is our weekender and is in and out like a flash. She has been in the service industry for 17 years and also works at another local restaurant during the week. In her spare time, she likes to cook. Nikki is sentimental as she is doing whatever it takes to keep her Grandpa’s vehicle running in his memory. Hi Tulip says: ties up loose (week) ends



Desiree...worked at Hi Tulip a few years ago and has returned to fill in occasionally as a server. Hi Tulip says: salt of the earth