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Welcome to Hi Tulip Cafe in Flagler Beach, Florida

Hi Tulip Cafe

Dear Hi Tulip Friends and Family,  
When not representing the meteorological phenomenon, rainbows are symbols of many things in different cultures. From as early as the Bible to the gay movement flag created in 1978, to now when the schools and playgrounds and museums are empty, the world is using a rainbow symbol that we are here and there is hope and solidarity. The vibrant colors of rainbows indicate happiness and create a lot of excitement in the air and can express various positive emotions, such as happiness, feelings of togetherness, and good fortune. Rainbows can motivate us to continue and endure through dark times. The colors vibrate in your heart, and life feels new again. Sometimes it is hard to see the rainbow when there have been endless days of rain. As we continue to weather the trickling rain and whirlwinds in the world all around us, let us count our rainbows, not the thunderstorms. View the rainbow as a promise for better times to come. And on Friday, September 17, we invite you to EAT the rainbow. We want to fill your plate with the colors of the rainbow. Roy G Biv and Hi Tulip Café will present foods in an array of brilliant colors that offer a fundamentally healthy way of eating. Red for life, Orange for healing, Yellow for sunshine, Green for nature, Blue for art, Indigo for harmony, and Violet for spirit. The world is a rainbow. You can see it all around.  
A rainbow depicts a different sign for each one of you, but we want you to know that the colorful arc over Hi Tulip Café is a bridge leading to a heavenly meal. To us it means a huge Thank You. A sign of hope.
A dream of success.  With YOU as our pot of gold.  
Give us a call at (386) 439-9274 to make your reservation to somewhere over the rainbow; a place where you won’t get into any trouble according to Aunt Em.  Slide down at 5 or 5:15 or 5:30 or 5:45 or 6 or 6:15 or 6:30. We will need your phone number along with your appetizer, entrée, and dessert choices.  One beverage is also included.  This all-inclusive five course meal is a glorious price of $45 per person.

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. 
Our Dinner Menu


Serving Breakfast & Lunch on the Daily

You are sure to find something you'll love on the menu. Chef Kevin creates both sweet and savory options so your taste buds are always happy and your belly is pleasantly full.

Special Dinner Events

Join us each month for our special dinner events. A unique, seasonal menu is created by Chef Kevin each month. See Hi Tulip Cafe transformed into an intimate dining experience. A four course meal is included as well as a beverage of your choice. Reservations are required and spots fill up quickly! Subscribe to our email list for each month’s menu to be sent right to your inbox. 

Our History in our Community

Hi Tulip Cafe has been part of the Flagler Beach community for 6 years. Located in the Publix plaza off highway 100, new owners Holly and Kevin have kept the quality and service standards above and beyond expectations of its guests. Please email us: hitulipcafeflagler with any questions or comments regarding Hi Tulip Cafe. We want to thank our wonderful customers for your continued support.

Our Customers Say


Every Customer Matters. If you have any issues, please speak to one of our managers while you are at the restaurant.


Monthly Dinners

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